In 2004, the LG business group prepared for solar module mass production by consolidating several solar research laboratories under the LG Electronics umbrella. Using decades of research and development experience, LG Electronics broke ground on its first solar cell and module factory soon after.

LG Electronics considers the solar power business a strategic growth area for the LG Group. The 1stmajor success of the solar division materialised with the construction and operation of a 14MW scaled solar power plant in Taean, Korea in 2008. LG was also responsible for the supply of wafers for this project through LG Siltron, a subsidiary company.Today, our solar unit is at the forefront of product development for solar panels, both for residential and commercial usage.

LG - LG NEON2 335W

Compared with previous models, the LG NeON® 2 has been designed to significantly enhance its output efficiency, thereby making it efficient even in limited space.

LG - mono x plus 300W

Choosing the high quality Mono X® Plus is an investment in superior standards of design, manufacture, back up support and warranties. The Mono X Plus is our entry model. It is the LG module for systems that want a long lasting, high quality solar panel without the bells and whistles of the NeON range. The Mono X Plus is a solid, cost effective module for residential systems.